Reducing our environmental impact

At Proma Kit, we care very much for the environment and the current single-use waste epidemic. We want our products to have the lowest possible impact on the world around us, and as such are committed to making every effort in reducing our environmental impact. As well as producing long-lasting products we are lessening our waste by using minimal, reusable & recyclable packaging.

Let’s be green


Reusable Envelopes

please pass on or reuse

We'll soon be changing to recyclable envelopes. For now, please pass on or reuse our durable style.

Recycle our boxes

please reuse or recycle

Made from recycled materials, our durable boxes not only transport orders safely around the world, but they are fully reusable and 100% recyclable.

Minimal Packaging

to reduce waste

We know everyone loves to unbox a new product, however, we think it best to use minimal packaging. Not only to reduce unnecessary waste, but to enable us to keep postage prices low for our customers. Lean and green.

Eco Friendly Extras

please recycle after use

Along with our boxes, all of our extras, such as compliment slips, thank you cards, stickers and tissue paper can be recycled. We strive to do our best and not missing an opportunity to reduce our footprint in any way we can.

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