Superior products. Durable materials.

Our mission is simple. Create the best possible product for our customers. As a company we don’t stop in our efforts to create innovative makeup bags, genuinely designed to improve tired and impractical existing products. Our bags are not only designed to improve your workflow, but to outlast others available on the market.
At Proma Kit it’s our obsession to create better.

Innovation meets



Lightweight & compact

Our compact, space-saving bags are designed to store and transport your products in the most efficient way possible, minimising space and reducing the weight of your kit.


No need to unpack

Designed to sit upright, the Proma Kit make up bags stack neatly in your kit, allowing for removal and placement to your workstation with ease. On set-up simply click bag the cleverly designed lid to quickly access you products.


Perfect for travelling

Made from premium materials, including high grade PVC and authentic YKK zips. Our bags are built with a level of quality you'd expect from a premium hand luggage brand, not a makeup bag. We source the best materials, so we can create superior makeup bags.


Great for product selection

Our removable sections & bottles allow you to categorise your products & store them in an upright position. Great for quick viewing & easy product selection. Save time and enable yourself to focus on the job at hand.

You’ll love us because we’re green. Along with creating long lasting, quality products, we want to make the world a better place. Small steps lead to big differences. Hear how Proma Kit are working towards a greener future.

Explore our environmental promise