Superior, durable products

Everything we do is based around producing fantastic quality products. As a company, we are on an endless pursuit to make innovative, efficient designs, not only to optimise work flow, but to outlast others on the market.

innovative, efficient



lightweight and space saving

Our space saving bags, are perfectly sized to store your products in the most compact way, to minimise space & lighten your kit.


designs for quick access

Our upright design allows you to place your bag straight from your kit onto your work station. Simply clip back the lid for easy viewing, and quick access to your products within.


& great for travel

Made from premium materials, including high grade PVC and authentic YKK zips. Our bags are built with a level of quality you'd expect from hand luggage, not a makeup bag.


for efficiency

Our removable extras allow you to categorise your products & store them in an upright position. Great for quick viewing & easy product selection.

Sustainability is an important part of our brand. Along with producing long lasting products, we're trying to work towards a greener future.

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