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✓ Upright, compact design - Perfect for cosmetic pencils

✓ No need to unpack - Clip back the lid for quick and easy access

✓ Organised - Inner section to keep your pencils neat and tidy

✓ Long lasting - Durable clear PVC with a strong hard plastic section

✓ Safe for transportation - Protects your products in your makeup kit

✓ No brand clashes - Stylish look with discreet branding

✓ Easy clean - Simply wipe with a damp cloth

Simply wipe with a clean damp cloth, then wipe dry.

Bag dimensions

Back height: 16.5cm

Front height: 12.5cm

Length: 16cm

Depth: 9.5cm

Inner section dimensions

Height: 9cm

Length: 13cm

Depth: 9cm

Each section gap measures 4x4cm wide

Please note: our bags are individually hand sewn, so there may be some minor discrepancies.

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